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Avi Cohen – Online Marketing Mentor


Let's set up a time to discuss a perfect solution.

My Services

Online marketing & Media Buying

All online media buying services including : Search – Display – POP – Native – Content – Social – SEO.

Media Planning & Execution

Build a Media Marketing Plan from scratch offering a step by step blue print on how to launch an online media business. Service will also include guidance on executing the plan tailored to a funnel that guides the user from the 1st click to sale.

Marketing Automation

The journey a user goes through is the most important, building a funnel with a smart Marketing Automation Platform that includes building lp’s, smart user lists, building personas, smart forms, crm management and email blasts that improves the steps a user goes through all the way to conversion including retention and up selling.

Media Training

Training staff to get better results in Media buying and affiliate management.

Web Design & Programming

Working with top design studio’s and programming houses globally finding the right fit for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

Master affiliate and affiliate management services to a wide range of verticals. 


20 years experience holding senior positions, consulting, managing online media projects, recruiting, planning, building, training and managing sales and marketing departments.

Working with industry leaders in various categories such as ,Dating, E-commerce, Finance, Social, Gaming and Ad networks.

Success in turning around failing advertising campaigns into a positive ROI.

Consulting companies on their online marketing efforts to improve conversion and managing successful advertising/marketing budgets.

Specialties: Networking, sales, business development, marketing (online & offline), affiliate management, SEM, SEO, building media strategies for start up’s, a broad knowledge of the online media world with a unique vision in online advertising.


It's not all about work!

Sometimes we just need a break, setting sail is my escape place, where I find my inspiration…. 

Time is money

You’ve probably heard the well-known business parable about a broken engine, an old man and the hammer:

A giant engine in a factory failed. The factory owners had spoken to several ‘experts’ but none of them could show the owners how they could solve the problem.

Eventually the owners brought in an old man who used to work on that engine for many years. After inspecting the huge engine for a minute or two, the old man pulled a hammer out of his tool bag and gently tapped on the engine.

Immediately the engine sprung back into life.

A week later the owners of the business received an invoice from the old man for £10,000. Flabbergasted, they wrote to the old man asking him to send through an itemised bill. The man replied with a bill that said:

Tapping with a hammer: £2.00

Knowing where to tap: £9,998.00

The moral of the story is that, while effort is important, having the experience to know where to put that effort makes all the difference.

Previous projects

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