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About me

Over the years I have held executive management positions that included recruiting and training staff, building and executing marketing and business plans.

 With over 20 years experience in online marketing and sales management, I hold a unique knowledge base and experience in:

 Media Buying, Affiliate Networks Management, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Retention, Email Marketing, Social Marketing and more.

I am seeking new challenging projects, mentoring start ups and consulting on media plans where my skills, knowledge and experience can be applied to benefit the organization    


2002 - Present

Executive Media Consultant

A marketing consultant and freelance media buyer for various organizations, consulting on media buys, media planning, buying and selling media, freelance affiliate management, affiliate network management.

Over the course of these years I managed media buys for various companies as a freelance media buyer.

Recruiting and training media and sales.

Amongst my clients and projects:

Reimage– Consulted on media buys, campaign optimization and budget management.

Rummy Royal– Media buying consultant

Winbuyer – Launched the sales team, recruited, trained and managed the team.

Matchnet – Marketing consultant to the SEM department.

2015 - 2016


Launched an Ad-Network managed on several Ad-Servers with advertisers in various fields such as :

Online-dating, e-commerce, Gaming, Gambling, Finance, Software Utilities, Mobile Apps, Mobile Subscriptions and more.

Recruited and trained a staff of account managers, media buyers and sales people.

2012 -2013


 VP Sales & Marketing

Sales – Managed the in house sales team that was responsible for recruiting new advertisers and generating fresh stream of revenue to the organization.

Product Manager – Overseeing the launch of the companies in house ad-server that was programmed and built with in the organization.

About Me

I am a highly self-motivated individual with creative thinking and the ability to solve problems and work under pressure.

A true entrepreneur with great social and networking skills, which have allowed me to establish great connections in the online media industry.

2016 - 2018

Allen Carr Online

Built the Allen Carr Stop Smoking online program from the ground up.

Overseeing the website build and design.

Planning and executing the marketing infrastructure.

That included the affiliate program, marketing material, email software, integration between systems, online sales flow, managing and optimizing the online marketing budget.

Turned the media budget to a positive ROI with in the 1st few months of marketing.





Managed the Sales and Marketing department – total staff of 20.

Over seeing both departments that included, recruiting and training new staff, built a marketing plan and executed the companies business plan with challenging goals.

Managing an advertising budget over $300K a month.

Sales – 12 telemarketing representatives.

Marketing – 5 Account managers and Media Buyers.

Customer service – 3 representatives.

Planned and executed a retention plan to increase user value.

Overseeing product and website design.


Online Marketing
Affiliate Management
Marketing Mentorship
Media Planning


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